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General Questions

How much does a dance floor wrap cost?

The price of a dance floor wrap can vary based on the size of the dance floor being wrapped. It is best to give us a call and we can discuss pricing.

Can the wrap be removed without damaging my rented dance floor?

Of course! We use only the highest quality material and following strict installation and removal processes to ensure that the dance floor surface is not damaged.

How long does it take to install the floor wrap?

A typical floor wrap takes anywhere between 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the size.

Will the wrap get damaged with high heels?

Heels will not damage the wrap, however, scuffs could occur if the patrons shoes are dirty.

Is there a maximum number of people that can go onto a wrapped dance floor?

Bring them on! There is no limit to how many people can dance on the floor.

How long will it take to design the floor wrap?

Normally this can take 1-2 weeks depending on amount of back & forth. We recommend finalizing the design at least 1 month prior to the wedding so proper arrangements can be made.

Would you notify me when the floor is ready?

When the floor is ready, our installer will go over it with you to ensure everything is done beautifully and the way you want it!

Do I have do deal with the removal myself?

Removal can be done either by our staff or yourself.

When and what time would the installation take place?

The installation will take place usually in the morning of the event or the night prior. Let us know what works best with you and we will make sure it is done with as little interference as possible.

When and what time would the removal take place?

If we are doing the removal, it will be done either right after the event or the following morning.

Can I have a fully printed floor wrap?

Absolutely. A fully printed floor wrap is a great way to make an eye catching elegance to your event.

Are there any color or file restrictions for the design?

We use a full colour wide format printer on all of our printed wraps. There is no limit to the amount of colours. We can even add textured vinyls to give it that extra flare.

Does the floor become slippery with the wrap?

Just like any dance floor surface, if there are spilled drinks it can become slippery. No more slippery than without the wrap however.