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Wedding Dance Floor Wraps

With over 25 years experience in the vinyl wrapping industry, InStyle Floor Wraps specializes in the design, production and application of dazzling and striking floor wraps. Not only do our floor wraps look amazing, but they are also high quality and incredibly durable.  Our floor wraps will easily outlast your unbelievable night of dancing whether you are waltzing in high heels or attempting ballet in your bare feet!

We can fully customize and wrap your dance floor in whatever creative style you desire.  We can print and apply anything that you can imagine! InStyle Floor Wraps will help you add style and charisma to your special day - something your guests will never forget.

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Dance Floor Decor

InStyle Floor Wraps will work together with you to create a design that matches your personality and event day desires. During our creative process we will explore different colors, layouts and designs until your finished product is just what you imagined. Once we have printed your approved design on our high quality 3M vinyl material, we will arrange an installation time that is convenient and completely stress-free for you.

The application and removal of the vinyl is simple.  The process is incredibly safe and will not damage the underlying floor surface that either your venue has supplied or that you have rented and built on site.  InStyle Floor Wraps is a brilliant choice for any situation that calls for a dance floor.

Our latest Projects

Throughout the last two and a half decades we have had the privilege and opportunity to do many gorgeous custom projects.  These include wedding floor wraps and dance floor wraps for intimate family gatherings and commercial corporate events. EVERY floor wrap we do is special to us.  At InStyle we take pride in our ability to understand what is important to you and your extraordinary day.


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